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фотоизготовитель и текстосочинитель

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Вся правда о трех поросятах.

Теперь  люблю делать домашние задания. Не всегда успеваю правда, но люблю. Вот вчера нас попросили взять известную историю и рассказать своими словами. А потом разобрать главных героев по архитипам.

Хотите прочесть мою версию знаменитых событий?


It’s difficult to be a teen. Three brothers: Nif-Nif, Noof-Noof and Nuf-Nuf know it firsthand.One sunny morning their lovely mother told them, “It’s time to become a real man and build your own houses. Now!”

She even didn’t ask their opinion. She just pointed to the exit.

So, they left their parental home.

It was a nice and warm summer. The homeless situation didn’t bother Nif-Nif and Noof-Noof. Only Nuf-Nuf started to build his residence right away. He did a good job. His brick spacious habitation turned out fancy and secure.

Probably you want to ask how the two other brothers could survive without residences. I forgot to mention that they all were pigs, literally. Therefore, they can subsist without one, but only during the summer.

When fall came, they had to deal quickly with the situation. That's how they ended up with straw and wood houses. Those types of construction were not so solid and secure as the brick one.

Meanwhile, Sir Grey came back from his business trip. The trip was not successful. Sir Grey was upset and hungry. By the way, he was a wolf. Unable to shop in Whole Foods ("Whole-Foods" - local "Азбука Вкуса"), he made a plan to manage some pork for dinner.

The first victim had to be Nif-Nif. His straw house collapsed by only one wolf’s blow. The terrified piggy ran to Noof-Noof's wood habitation but the same story repeated with the second construction. It was wonder a how silly brothers made it to Nuf-Nuf's residence.  

Nuf-Nuf had brilliant mind. When he understood that Sir Grey was trying to squeeze through the chimney, he immediately ran a fire and put huge pot with water on it. Once poor wolf touched boiling water he flew like a jet from the inhospitable house. So the piggy brothers were saved from becoming bacon.

Wise Nuf-Nuf – The Hero!
Piggy Mother – something between The Mother Figure and The Witch
Noof-Noof and Nif-Nif – we can call them Underdogs but actually they are Fools.
Sir Grey took a Monster role but ended up like an Underdog. Actually, he is The Double. He used to be kind and even sexy man, but crisis, inflation and the difficulty of life became too much for him. He just wasn’t strong enough to handle vicissitudes of fate.

Перефразированно Ирой Василевицкой, ошибки исправлены лучшей училкой Кирстин Лазур.

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logra January 31st, 2015
фотографии тоже будут

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